International Operating

One of the delights of QRP operating is the ease of packing along a little rig when traveling overseas. Most of the modern QRP transceiver kits available can be operated from modest power supplies and when combined with a small tuner and antenna will make a compact and lightweight travel station.

For four summers (prior to 9/11/01) my wife or my sons and I ventured overseas with tour groups from our local community. We have made three trips to Europe and one trip to Hawaii, Australia and New Zealand. A QRP station went along on all trips.

While none of our destinations are considered "rare DX", it has been interesting and fun to listen on the bands from the DX perspective. Making contacts with QRP from hotel rooms with marginal antennas is somewhat difficult but it can be done.

To assist and encourage other amateurs to try international QRP operating, I have prepared the following pages: 

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Updated June 15, 2016