Filter Board

Band selection is accomplished by the use of a plug-in multiband filter board. The builder can order either a two-band or a four-band filter board. The builder can specify any combination of two bands (from 80 to 15 meters) to be installed on a two-band filter board.

The four-band filter board comes with all parts needed for 40, 30, 20, 17 and 15 meters. At the time of construction, the builder must select either the 17 or the 15 meter components.

Additional filter boards can be ordered and built to cover more bands.

Photo one shows the 40 / 20 meter two-band filter board under construction. The relays and 40 meter band capacitors have been soldered onto the board. The 20 meter capacitors are taped to the writing pad in the order that they will be used. Both the capacitor number and marking has been written on the pad. The part values are double checked against the instruction book as they are inserted into the board.

Photo 1

Photo two shows the completed two-band filter board. Time to build the board was about 5 hours. I take my time and double check every step before soldering the parts. The four-band board is similar, however it uses variable capacitors for tuning each band instead of the variable inductors shown in photo 2.

Photo 2

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Updated July 24, 2003