Opening the Box

This is what you start with. The first step is to examine the instruction manual to see how the kit will be assembled. You will find that the kit is constructed in several stages with testing of the completed work performed before starting the next stage.

Each major assembly has a bag of parts. Keep the parts from each bag separate until you are ready to start that portion of the project.

Parts inventory and identification should be done carefully as there are several parts that look alike with subtle differences in value. Throughout construction, take your time and be sure you have the correct part identified before installation. Some parts are difficult to remove after installation should you make an error. The instruction manual has detailed parts descriptions and photographs in Appendix A.

If at any time you have a question regarding the correct part identification, contact Elecraft directly or post your question to the Elecraft E-Mail reflector before proceeding.

Kit construction should be fun. Take your time and enjoy your project.

Construction hints:

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