Light Weight Portable Station

Complete 20 meter CW station less than 2 pounds!

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One of the advantages of QRP hamming is the ability to put together a very light weight and compact station that can be taken anywhere. The photo above shows a complete 20 meter station, including power source, antenna and carrying case that weights in at less than 2 pounds. This setup could be used from the woods while camping or for hotel portable when traveling.

The rig shown in this photo is the Wilderness SST. The SST in the photo has been modified by adding an internal TICK keyer. The transceiver is used with a simple homebrew tuner/SWR bridge and a AA battery pack. A 33 foot wire is typically deployed as a halfwave vertical antenna combined with a couple of 16 foot counterpoise wires. The entire station fits into a small camera case for easy carrying. Despite this station's diminutive size, it is capable of working DX QSO's.

Other very small transaceivers can be used as well.  The Small Wonder DSW single band transceivers are excellent field radio.  Likewise, the AT Sprint series of compact CW transceivers are perfect for making a light weight multiband portable station package.

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Updated June 16, 2016