October 4, 2003

The two screen shots on this page are the 30 meter QRSS signal of AA4XX as received at WCH near Seneca, Missouri.

In the screen shot above, the Morse letters "ANK" are clearly visible. AA4XX was transmitting in QRSS-10 mode (10 second dots) at a power output of 100 mW on frequency 10,140.130 KHz in the 30 meter band.

The second screen shot shows the full three letter code word "RED" being transmitted at 50 mW of power using QRSS-10.

Paul's signal was not audible during the time these screen capture shots were taken. A Pentium 100 MHz computer running the Argo software was used to detect and decode the signal from below the receiver noise level.

Previous experiments have shown that QRSS can be effective at extremely low power levels and 2-way QSO's at low microwatt levels are possible. All amateurs are invited to participate in the ongoing QRSS experimentation.

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