One of our recent QRP DX trips

Nancy, VK2KZU and David, VK2IQX

The little guy said his call was KØALA, but that sounds kinda suspicious.....

We met this cute little fellow at the Forest Glen Sanctuary at Forest Glen, Queensland in Australia.


We were part of a group tour to Hawaii, Australia and New Zealand during the summer of 2000 with a few folks from our school and community. The guy in the red plaid shirt and ball cap is VK2IQX. This photo was taken in late May and it's winter in Sydney.

I took a NorCal 20 transceiver and a 2 meter HT on the trip. Best DX was working NØEA back home in Missouri. Not too bad for 5 watts and a wire hanging out the hotel window! Getting a VK and a ZL license for Nancy and I was actually pretty easy. Working QRP portable from a DX location is lots of fun.

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