Warbler Construction

The photograph to the left shows what was received from the New Jersey QRP Club. The Small Wonder kit looked very similar. One bag of parts, a manual and a errata sheet.

The New Jersey kit manual has 16 pages containing a lot of technical information regarding the circuit design, PSK31 mode and how to hook up your completed kit. It only had three pages devoted to kit assembly plus a parts list, a schematic and a PC board layout sheet.

Be sure to read the any errata sheets carefully before starting as there could be a few typo errors in the instructions. Although this is not a complicated kit, previous kit building experience is helpful.



The first step is to inventory and identify the parts. I use an egg carton and components taped to paper to sort the parts. Note the magnifying glass for helping tired old eyes to read the markings on the parts. It seems like the parts makers are using smaller labels each year!





Installing the parts on the PC board is taken one part at a time, being sure to double check the parts list versus the board layout pages. Before soldering, make sure you have the correct part in the right place. In the photograph to the left, the resistors have all been soldered and the disk capacitors are being installed.

It may be helpful to stuff one group of parts (like all the resistors for example) and then solder all in one operation after checking parts placement versus value. If you find an incorrect part, it's much easier to correct the error if they have not been soldered.


The finished board, ready for smoke test. Construction time to assemble the Warbler kit was about six hours


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Updated June 15, 2015