Whiterook Mini-Keys

The Whiterook series of miniature keys are available from ElectronicsUSA. These little keys are very lightweight and are ideally suited for portable operation. Best of all, they are very economically priced.

The black straight key in the photograph is the model MK-11 Pocket Micro-Key. This key can be used with all QRP transmitters that lack electronic keyers. The connection on the back of the key base is a 2.5 MM jack. That is the really tiny jack. You will need to wire up a cable with a 2.5 MM plug on one end and probably a 3.5 MM (1/8 inch) plug on the other end to connect to your transmitter.

The red paddle is the model MK-44 Iambic Mini-Paddle. It has a standard 3.5 MM (1/8 inch) stereo connector on the back. When mine arrived, I found that the "dit" paddle was connected to the "ring" connection of the jack and the "dah" paddle was wired to the "tip" connection. I had to reverse these connections so that it would interface properly with my paddle cable and keyer. This is a very easy wiring change and only took a couple of minutes.

Since the paddle is so light in weight, I find that the operator needs to hold the paddle steady with one hand and send with the other. It would be easy to fasten the paddle base to a leg strap or clipboard for portable operating. I have used both the straight key and the paddle on overseas trips and local field operating and have had many wonderful QSO's with them.

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